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SATANIC WARMASTER / ARCHGOAT "Lux Satanae" Split LP/CD Hells Headbangers
ARCHGOAT "The Grand Luciferian March" North American Tour shirt 2016
INCANTATION "XXV - Quarter Century of Blasphemy" LP
SAVAGE MASTER "With Whips and Chains" CD/LP Skol / High Roller
SUNN O))) Australian Tour shirt 2016
STORMVOLD "IV Kataklismo" CD/LP Xtreem rec.
DEMONCY "Faustian Dawn" LP Nuclear War Now!
DEMONCY "Faustian Dawn" poster Nuclear War Now!
DEMONCY "Faustian Dawn" T-shirt Nuclear War Now!
GOATVERMIN "Détruire" CD/LP Armée de la Mort
PROFANATICA "Altar of the Virgin Whore" T-Shirt 2016
HELLFEST Open Air 2016 T-shirt
ABIGAIL "The Final Damnation" CD/LP (1991 artwork) Nuclear War Now!
FALL OF SUMMER festival 2016 T-shirt
HEXECUTOR T-shirt 2016
ARCHGOAT "The Apocalyptic Triumphator" South American Tour shirt 2016
T-shirt / compil CD hommage à Mika Bleu (Blobfish Killer, Never Dead prod...)
DEATH POWER "The Bogeyman returns" 2CD Triumph ov Death
NECROMORBID "El dia de la Bestia" CD/LP
RITUALIZATION "Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss" CD/LP Iron Bonehead
RITUALIZATION "Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss" booklet illustrations
BLOOD "In Hell we Burn" T-shirt 2016 (1991 artwork upgraded)
DAEMONIAC "Spawn of the Fallen" CD/LP Xtreem Music
ARCHGOAT "Angelslaying Fucking Darkness" North American Tour shirt 2017
INCANTATION T-shirt 2017
HEXEN HOLOCAUST "Heretical Dreadful Orgies" MCD
POSSESSION "Exorkizein" LP/CD Iron Bonehead / Invictus
NAILS "Life is a Death Sentence" T-shirt
BEHERIT "The Oath of Black Blood" Ltd wooden boxset LP / 3xEP Bowel of Noise
EVIL "Rites of Evil" LP Nuclear War Now!
VALKYRJA "Scandinavian death march" Tour-shirt 2017
SAVAGE MASTER E"Creature of the flames" MCD / MLP Sköll rec. / High Roller rec.
BLOOD "Inferno" LP/CD
PYRENEAN WARRIORS Open Air T-shirt 2017
SOON: FALL OF SUMMER Open Air T-shirt 2017
SOON: BLOBFISH KILLER "Between the Fishes and Me" CD front
SOON: BLOBFISH KILLER "Between the Fishes and Me" CD back + inside arts


BAHIMIRON, POSSESSION, FALL OF SERAPHS, FALL OF SUMMER open air, 25 years of ADIPOCERE designs and more are coming...

SOON: FESTERDAY 7" cover 2017
SOON: PURTENANCE "Paradox of Existence" MCD